The Requiem to Republican Spirit of Freedom Cover Image

Реквијем републиканском духу слободе
The Requiem to Republican Spirit of Freedom

Author(s): Kosta Čavoški
Subject(s): Political history, Ancient World
Published by: Српска академија наука и уметности
Keywords: rome; republic; freedom; corruption of the state and legal system

Summary/Abstract: The subject-matter of this article is the eradication of roman republican spirit of freedom in the second half of the first century of the new era. It is devoted to the following topics: 1. the role of destiny and the freedom of choice 2. shadow of previous republican freedom 3. anthropological pessimism 4. absoluteness of princeps’ power 5. corruption of roman populus 6. disappearance of the rhetoric 7. high treason 8. corruption of the legal order 9. raison d’état 10. military and civil wars 11. glory as a reward for virtue. The foundation of this article are mostly the Annals and Histories of Cornelius tacitus.