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Author(s): Władysław Makarski
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL & Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II
Keywords: etymological analysis of the surname Terlecki; antroponymic homonymy; antroponymic synonymy; antroponymic geography

Summary/Abstract: The paper presents a linguistic analysis of the surname Terlecki. The semantics of the name's base is ambiguous. The base TerNo may be regarded as derived from the Ukrainian toponym terNo ‘a place where fish lay eggs’. Alternatively, this base may be traced back to the Ukrainian antroponymic noun terNo ‘a tool used for rubbing or grating’. Finally, the polyfunctionality of the suffix -‘ecki adds to the complexity of the picture. Other semantic interpretations of the surname under analysis include the one under which Terlecki is the owner of TerNo (town), the one where Terlecki is a burger or a village patronymic surname meaning son of TerNo, where TerNo is yet another surname form. Finally, Terlecki may also be seen as a modification of the name TerNo, in order to make it sound similar to the prevalent aristocratic patterns in -ski and -cki. The phonological structure of the base TerNo reveals its Ukrainian origin. Its Polish counterpart is Cierlecki (from the place name or personal name TarNo). However, the form Terlecki might have emerged among the speech communities of the Mazovia region, as a secondary derivative from the form Tarlecki, derived from TarNo, with the unchanged element Tar-. Apart from the etymological analysis of the surname Terlecki, the paper also presents quantitative data concerning the geographic distribution of the name on the territory of present-day Poland. These geographical variants have been discussed in the context of other related forms of this surname and of other surnames of well-known figures of Polish culture that reveal their Ruthenian roots.

  • Issue Year: 60/2012
  • Issue No: 06
  • Page Range: 97-111
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Polish