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Macedonia – a history term
Macedonia – a history term

Author(s): Tudor Urea
Subject(s): Ancient World
Published by: Universitatea »Dunarea de Jos« din Galati -Facultatea de Istorie, Teologie și Filosofie
Keywords: Byzantium; Macedonia; Balkans; Ohrid; Chernomen

Summary/Abstract: The text deals with some aspects of the history of Macedonia. It starts with the modern dispute between the Bulgarians, Greeks and the leading political circles of post-War Yugoslavia concerning the name and the ethnic character of Macedonia – a country combining the ancient (Greek) and medieval/modern (Slavic) heritage. The chapter is based on a competent book by John Shea. The following chapter refers to late-medieval period, referring to the Late-Byzantine texts. These texts prove that the name of Macedonia was still in use from the late Antiquity till the 15th century. Some sources give no precise information, but a comparison between from different tomes might document some interesting tendencies. A contrary tendency in the evolution of the term was its shift to the northern or north-western direction, where since the 6th century the Slavonic population has increased and changed the ethnic character of the country. It is remarkable an important role to the development to the Cyrillo-Methodian mission represented in that region by Clement of Ohrid, Theophylact of Ohrid etc, as well as to the historical importance of the West-Bulgarian/Macedonian Tsardom of Samuel on 11th century and its later tradition. The text gives a generally reliable presentation of the problem.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 11
  • Page Range: 5-14
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: English