The 1979 test pits at Albeşti – Şcoală, Mureş County Cover Image

Sondajul din anul 1979 de la Albeşti – Şcoală, judeţul Mureş
The 1979 test pits at Albeşti – Şcoală, Mureş County

Author(s): George Baltag, Radu Harhoiu
Subject(s): Archaeology
Published by: Editura Academiei Române
Keywords: Transylvania;inhumation graves;4th century AD;Santana de Mureş-Černjachov culture;

Summary/Abstract: In 1978, an inhumation grave was discovered by chance in the school yard of the village of Albeşti, Mureş County. Consequently, in 1979, two test pits were excavated here. On this occasion, in addition to the disturbed grave no. 1, three more graves were discovered (Figs. 2–4). With the exception of grave no. 4, oriented West‐East and disturbed by grave no 3, all other graves were oriented North‐South. In grave no. 1, oriented North‐ South, a wheel made pot was placed near the head, and a hand‐made pot was found next to the left femur. The grave orientation together with the network of typological analogies of the two pots allow the dating of the four graves from Albeşti in the 4th century and their framing in the Sântana de Mureş‐Černjachov culture.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 14
  • Page Range: 237-248
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Romanian