Combinatorial Problems Related to Triangles Cover Image
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Комбинаторни задачи, свързани с триъгълник
Combinatorial Problems Related to Triangles

Author(s): Rosen Nikolaev, Tanka Milkova, Katya Chalakova
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Education, Library and Information Science, Education and training, School education, Vocational Education, Adult Education, Higher Education , History of Education, Inclusive Education / Inclusion
Published by: Национално издателство за образование и наука „Аз-буки“
Keywords: triangle inequality; integer triangle; counting; combinatorics

Summary/Abstract: The present paper considers an application of the triangle inequality to integer triangles. Formulae are found for their number in the cases of equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles. The formulae give opportunities for quick problem solving in regular math classes at school as well as at the level of competitions.

  • Issue Year: 61/2018
  • Issue No: 5
  • Page Range: 506-517
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Bulgarian