Sarmatizm Renesance Utopia Ukrainian Aspect Cover Image

Сарматизм Як Ренесансна Утопія: Український Аспект
Sarmatizm Renesance Utopia Ukrainian Aspect

Author(s): Jevgenii F. Godovanyi
Subject(s): Political Philosophy, Political history, International relations/trade, Geopolitics
Published by: Видавництво «Одеський національний університет І. І. Мечникова»
Keywords: Poland; Ukraine; Utopizm; Sarmatizm; Polish- Ukrainian relations; Zaporizhian Sich; Kyiv; colonization; Ukrainian aspect;

Summary/Abstract: In this article we show peculiarity of Polish Utopism and its Ukrainian aspect. We elucidated significance of Sarmatism for Polish- Ukrainian relationships, stages of development. Analysis of lost searches and publications show that conception “Sarmatizm” has not one elucidation in historical literature. Modern scientists spare little time for searching of Ukrainian aspect in Polish Sarmatizm. Therefore topic of our searches is deeper learning Ukrainian trace in Polish Sarmatizm, more detail and deep attribute as Utopy by comparison with west- European utopies. Author makes trial to show evolution of Sarmatizm, he shows some hypothesis. Whether was existence of Sarmatism as utopy? But if it is so, whether is it right to compare it with west- European sarmatizm? So comparison is possible. For better understanding of Sarmatizm it is need to know that after including the Galichina Principality to Polish State in contact zone had Polish (Krakiv) and Galichina (Lviv) was new (moving) type of world- vision Ukrainian- Polish sincretizm. In this was making art activities of representatives of Polish renesance culture. Sarmatizm – utopia from side of classical Utopizm is formulated badly. «Utopia» of T. Mor, «Zywot chlowieka pocziwego» of M. Ret, «Roksolania» of Klionovich very different though for making these constructions used identical materials philosophical elements, religious components, (antique and christian), social- psychological stereotype, elegitarizm, metaphors, contradictions, paradoxies, sympathetic and antipathy, habits, mistakes, superstitions. M. Rey. and Y. Kohanovskiy not only glorified the past but they conserve modern. S. F. Klionovich did not propagandize his utopizm consciously. But he can be called representative so called «geographical Utopizm». His «Roksolania» is ideal because that its structure and order do not need changes. In sixteenth century three Ukrainian States were created. Two from them Utopizmal – Roksolania» of S. Klionovich, «Lower Polish» of P. Grabovskiy and one real state it is Zaporizhia Sich. During two years-(1594 and 1595) was thrown two projects in public conscious by Kiyiv’s bishop Yuzef Vereshchinskiy and by priest Petro Grabovskiy. They were united in the topic «antemurale» defence in Poland. And this idea as written by N. Yakovenko- «expressive made by Sarmatizm ». P. Grabovskiy proclaims like west- European utopists for inhabitants of «Lower Poland» (Zaporizhia) slogan egelitarizm. Only they destroy personal property but polish utopist limits it. By this he stands nearer to system of Munster’s community (Germany 1525). Polish poet K. Yanitskiy brought renesance behind Sarmatia in first half of seventeenth century. He objected «sarmatical» (in geographical aspect) unity of Ukrainians, Russians, Poles, which proclaimed M. Mehovskiy and M. Striykovskiy. K. Yanitskiy called that Sarmatia is only Poland and sarmats only Poles. “Kamens of Borisfen” – composition more epigonistic. For period of renesance this sounds as praise. Eligitarizm assisted for integrity and future cultural process. Kyiv in «Roksolanii» and «Kamen of Borisfen » are very like. So man of Rech Pospolita as man of renesance created image ideal community and state. First of all in this was used Sarmatism. It is united genetic with so phenomenon as Ukrainian- Polish sincretizm. In parallel with territorial and economical gain proficiency of Ukraine (especially after 1595 year) goes it’s literature’ colonize. Therefore has existence of Utopia with «Ukrainian face», but not with Polish one. With geographical moving to the east public- political opinion Rech Pospolita also become more «oriental». If Ukrainian lands more systematic unite to Rech Pospolita that Ukrainian «Sarmatia» more separates from Polish one. Sarmatizm sixteen centuries likes nature but sarmatism of seventeen centuries likes laws of nature, republicanity and public freedom. Can any show genetic unity of Sarmatizm with myth about Cossack Vernigora who was disposed to Polish- Ukrainian friendship? If consider that just Sarmatizm created idea about blood unity of Poles and Ukrainians that having basis for so affirmation. It is can not agree with thought of K. Neilor that modern ideas of Polish- Ukrainian Friendship do not exist. But Utopies can be realized. Concentration of long standing thought of subject signified that Ukraine is main was important before enrichment of national consciousness.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 28
  • Page Range: 136-147
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Ukrainian