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Ткацькі Вироби У Сімейній Обрядовості Населення Буджака
Weaving Products in the Family Rites of the Population of Budjak

Author(s): Anastasiia V. Streltsova
Subject(s): Customs / Folklore, Ethnohistory, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology, Sociology of Culture
Published by: Видавництво «Одеський національний університет І. І. Мечникова»
Keywords: Budjak; Ukrainian; Moldavian; Gagauzian; Bulgarians; towels; weaving;

Summary/Abstract: The article considers the use of weaving products (first of all towels) in the family rituals of Budjak population. Compares their use with Ukrainians, Moldovans, Gagauzians and Bulgarians of the Budjak.The text highlights the function of weaving products and their semantics. Weaving wares are an inalienable attribute of material culture of people. They being in all important peoples life cycle ceremonies. As attributes, they carry the sacral and semanti cloading, executing thus, not only domestic functionbut also spiritual.In the second half of ХХ of century, but especially in ХХІ century, the use of attributes diminished, it’s related to the decline of traditions, simplification of ceremonies, but weaving wares did not lose the place and value in a domestic rite It testifies to importance their function. On territory of Budjak the representatives of different ethnos live compact.Between them constantly took place borrowing, that resulted in certain similarity not only in original appearance and technologies of making of weaving wares, but also in the use of them in a domestic rite. It would be wise to mention here that in this region a family rite are studied partly. Considering the use of weaving wares in the family rite of population of Budjak can make conclusion, that these attributes did not lose the value at now. Unfortunately, in a maternity rite they meet rarely enough, that it’s constrained, foremost with the decline of her as such. But, awedding and funeral rite sets to us the bright patterns of not only the use of weaving wares, but also presence and understanding it symbolic of people.This understanding is envisaged, foremost, in the signs constrained with the useof (or not by the use) towels.Certainly, a theme needs a further and more solid study with bringing in of bigger number of the field materials, and also from bringing in ofmaterials of different regions in example quality To conclude I want to say, that weaving wares in a family rite are presented, mainly, by towels that execute different functions depending on a method and place of the use.In the funeral ritetowel have a protect function (it use like guard for deceased and like guarded from him), informing function (notification people about the death), used, a san original offering. Ina wedding rite a, to welisusedasa symbol of unity, guarded, symbol of happiness and welfare, marriage is legitimated of hem. Weaving wares are used by the population of Budjak with in significant differences.It is related with cultural interference during a long residence on one territory and with that weaving wares perform the universal function, they did not lose the value until now.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 28
  • Page Range: 74-83
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Ukrainian