Celebration Ceremonies of Bulgarian Turks who Placed to Anatolia and Music in these Ceremonies Cover Image

Anadolu’ya Göç Etmiş Bulgaristan Türklerinin Kutlama Törenleri İle Bu Törenlerde Yer Alan Müzikler
Celebration Ceremonies of Bulgarian Turks who Placed to Anatolia and Music in these Ceremonies

Author(s): Zekiye Çağımlar
Subject(s): Customs / Folklore, Music, Ethnohistory, Migration Studies, Ethnic Minorities Studies
Published by: Uluslararası Kıbrıs Üniversitesi
Keywords: Anatolia; migrants from Bulgaria; Turks; migration; celebration; ceremony; music;

Summary/Abstract: Bulgaria is the Balkan country where the Turkish minority live intensively since the time of the Ottoman Empire . During the Republican period, immigration was systematically carried out for a while under the Turkish-Bulgarian residence agreement. Within this context, a total of 198,688 immigrants came during the period 1923-1939. Since this period, immigration has not been carried out systematically, and most of the time immigration has not been done by voluntarily. Immigration is to start from scratch in a new land, leaving behind their lands under the harrow of a nation from their land, their past, their ancestors’ graves, even their future that they dream of in that land. Our citizens, who have been forced to migrate from Bulgaria, in addition to maintaining the activities of daily living and learning the customs and practices of the new lands, have adapted to the local cultures where they settled over time. In this study, celebrative ceremonies, such as weddings, circumcisions and Hıdırellez of our citizens who emigrated from Bulgaria, will be under debate in terms of the past and now. The compilations were made in Adana, Mersin, İstanbul, İzmir, and Bursa. The effectual results to be achieved in the study, which is done by the analysis of written sources and interviewing resource persons, is to give the effect of a cruel concept like migration on the cultural values with the example of Turks forced to migrate from Bulgaria.

  • Issue Year: 24/2018
  • Issue No: 93
  • Page Range: 151-166
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Turkish