“Intuitive Geometry” in Spatial Sculpture Installation “Dance of Life” Cover Image

„Intuitivna geometrija“ u prostornoj kiparskoj instalaciji „Ples Života“
“Intuitive Geometry” in Spatial Sculpture Installation “Dance of Life”

Author(s): Krešimir Katušić
Subject(s): Media studies, Visual Arts, Communication studies, Theory of Communication, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Art
Published by: Centar za filozofiju medija i mediološka istraživanja
Keywords: Dance of life; intuitive geometry; the sculpture domain;

Summary/Abstract: Talking about the process of emergence and the symbolic significance of the sculpture installation „Dance of Life“, it will try to present the idea of intuitive geometry that has made the sculptural installation itself. Intuitive geometry is the search principle for the archetypal forms of life and things, aligning with the law of wholeness, shape of sphere and spiral movement. A man who seeks to perceive himself and the world, by the process of repeated dialogue with the same world, transforms his being. The consciousness of the being that is spreading gives a man insight, and according to the princple of aspiration, the laws that make it all exist, remain in motion and disappear, man harmonise his life and principles of action.The same principles apply to the sculpture domain as the idea of a shaped form. As one of the beings in nature, of the great organism, man has the ability to create by the same laws, by attempt and mistakes, by experience and cognition. With intuitive geometry of love and intelligence, man creates using all his tools; body, energy, feelings and mind in more harmonious relationships, depending on the state of consciousness of being.

  • Issue Year: 7/2018
  • Issue No: 13
  • Page Range: 2063-2074
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Croatian