Coreference in students' written texts - pros and cons Cover Image

Кореференцията в ученическите писмени текстове - позитиви и негативи
Coreference in students' written texts - pros and cons

Author(s): Snezhana Georgieva
Subject(s): Language acquisition
Published by: Шуменски университет »Епископ Константин Преславски«
Keywords: nominative chain; coreferents; grammatical and stylistic textual mistakes

Summary/Abstract: In reproductive students' texts the coreference of objects is the most obvious. Generally the students follow the model of the nominal chain as given in the original text. The students do not have problem in sticking to referent amount corresponding the nominal chains, as in choosing the primary element in coreferent chain. However, they very rarely use coreferent hyponyms, contextual synonyms or paraphrases from the original text. The mistakes in the texts in building nominal chains are of two basic types - grammatical and stylistic. Ambiguity (due to usage of pronominatives, related to two elements with the same morphological features in a previous context) and useless (stylistically unmotivated) repetitions appear freqently.