Colloquiality in the Style of Contemporary Czech Written Journalistics Cover Image
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Kolokviálnost ve stylu současné české psané žurnalistiky
Colloquiality in the Style of Contemporary Czech Written Journalistics

Author(s): Petr Mareš
Subject(s): Theoretical Linguistics, Studies of Literature
Published by: Slovanský ústav Akademie věd ČR, v. v. i. and Euroslavica
Keywords: colloquiality; journalistic texts; univerbization; abbreviation; German loanwords in Czech

Summary/Abstract: The penetration of colloquial (informal) language means into public (especially medial) texts is one of conspicuous features of contemporary verbal communication. This trend, called conversalization, colloquialization, informalization etc., is shortly characterized in the first part of the paper. The main part of the paper deals with the use of two types of colloquial lexical means in Czech written journalistic texts. (a) Univerbized words (as lahváč ʻbottle beerʾ) and abbreviated ones (as kilák ʻkilometreʾ) are shorter than base expressions, often emotional and prominent. Nevertheless, they frequently lose their markedness and are used as equivalents of standard lexical units in texts. (b) Loanwords from German (as mord ʻmurderʾ) also occur more and more in journalistic texts and are treated in the same way.

  • Issue Year: LXXXVII/2018
  • Issue No: 1-3
  • Page Range: 227-238
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Czech