Space of the Body in the Liquid Modernity Culture Cover Image

Przestrzenie ciała w kulturze płynnej nowoczesności. Wyznaczanie granic ciała u źródeł nowoczesności
Space of the Body in the Liquid Modernity Culture

Author(s): Natalia Rezmer-Mrówczyńska
Subject(s): Sociology
Published by: Wydawnictwo ULT w Świeciu
Keywords: motifs of body in the culture; history of the human body; deconstructionism; fashion and architecture after modernism

Summary/Abstract: The aim of the articleSpace of the Body in the Liquid Modernity Culture is to find motifs of a naked or a dressed body in the culture. Models of depicting corporality is presented in the orbit of modern categories, ideas and notions shaped in the cultural spheres of the Enlightenment, such as: authenticity, naturalness, identity, and individuation of body. Consequently, the body turned out to be a complex issue, comprising also the issues of clothing, hygiene, dietetics, power, sexuality and education. The categories of dignity, freedom, individual autonomy, resulting from the philosophical postulates of humanism, became the source of modern perception and experience of the body in the 18th century. The first part of this text discusses issues of human body in literature and culture starting from medieval times till the end of the 17the century.The second part of the article refers to the issues of body in the Liquid Modernity Culture and involves such issues as the desire for asymmetry and freedom (Gareth Pugh and Zaha Hadid), fashion and architecture after modernism, the sensations of the body in the context of fashion, art, communication and architecture, human body as a message and fine art, creation of scenic identity and expecting an android.

  • Issue Year: 1/2017
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 281-298
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Polish