In Search of the Arch-Narrative Cover Image

У потрази за архипричом
In Search of the Arch-Narrative

Author(s): Snežana Milosavljević-Milić
Subject(s): Serbian Literature
Published by: Институт за књижевност и уметност
Keywords: mimetic framing;generic frame metaconcept;ornithopoetics;poetics of mythologizing;real-life story

Summary/Abstract: By adopting Werner Wolf’s notion of the cognitive frame meta concepts, IvoAndrić’s short story Grouse Hunting (1959) can be interpreted in terms of the mimetic,generic and folklore-mythological interpretation frames. Activated on the firstlevel are the spatiotemporal aspects of the narrative world, analogous to our world,which encompass different forms of concretization: toponymic and anthroponymy factography and chromonyms, real-life surroundings, usual activities in term sof social and professional motivation, material world and zoonyms, seasons of the year, the hero’s psychological motivation. The complex generic frame metaconcept starts from the genre of a hunter’s yarn, which is subsequently reinterpreted and transformed by means of the allegorical and symbolic restructuring and by shifting the focus from the referential aspect of the story – the events from the hunt, to its metatextual level – the phenomenon of fictionality and poetic function.

  • Issue Year: 49/2017
  • Issue No: 161
  • Page Range: 155-168
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Serbian