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Six Steps of Hermeneutical Process at H.-G. Gadamer
Six Steps of Hermeneutical Process at H.-G. Gadamer

Author(s): Ştefan Vlăduţescu
Subject(s): Essay|Book Review |Scientific Life
Published by: Editura Lumen, Asociatia Lumen
Keywords: hermeneutical process; hermeneutical subject; hermeneutical object; understanding; common language; common recognition; H.-G. Gadamer.

Summary/Abstract: This study aims to show how philosophizing H.-G. Gadamer. It targets highlighting the specific of Gadamerian procedure to achieve understanding/interpreting the world (people, events, work of art, texts). For it, we investigate how the hermeneutical process is carried, and provide a picture of the elements of hermeneutical process (steps of hermeneutical procedure) in conception of H.-G. Gadamer. Used method is the hermeneutic method. The conclusion that is drawn is as follows: 1) hermeneutical process starts with the element/step to observe that ”something addresses us”; 2) the second step consists of idea that the process must conduct to an agreement about what is addressing us; 3) for reaching an agreement is necessary a step of common language, of mutual recognition, and symmetry; 4) then comes up step of understanding on world of work of art, things, opinions (doxa); 5) fifth step is the step of content and communication of meaning; 6) last step is that of openness to alterity, that of fusion of horizons which crowning final understanding and final agreement with itself and with other; now hermeneutical spirit returns to itself.

  • Issue Year: 09/2018
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 161-174
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: English