Theoretical Approaches to Ethnicity, Nationalism and Nation Cover Image

Teorijsko-istraživački pristupi etničkoj vezanosti (ethnicity), nacionalizmu i naciji
Theoretical Approaches to Ethnicity, Nationalism and Nation

Author(s): Jovo Bakić
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Sociološko naučno društvo Srbije
Keywords: primordialism; perennialism; modernism; ethno-symbolism; post-modernism; interactionism;

Summary/Abstract: The author takes into consideration main theory of ethnicity and nationalism: primordialism, perennialism, modernism, ethno-symbolism, post-modernism, and interactionism. He pays his attention on both good and bad features of the different theoretical approaches in order to formulate his own approach. In addition, he offers several the most famous and convincing definitions and typologies of the nations and nationalism. At the end, he tries to make definitions of the ethnicity (ethnical connectedness), ethnical resource, e. g. language, religion, «race», ethnic myths etc, ethnic category, and ethnie as well as to briefly outline his own approach that is basically interactionist with some additions of ethno-symbolism.

  • Issue Year: 48/2006
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 231-264
  • Page Count: 34
  • Language: Serbian