The Bölöni Codex and a Unitarian Hymnal Cover Image

A Bölöni-kódexről és egy unitárius énekeskönyvről
The Bölöni Codex and a Unitarian Hymnal

Author(s): Mihály Etlinger
Subject(s): History of Church(es)
Published by: Erdélyi Unitárius Egyház
Keywords: Bölöni codex; Protestant hymn tradition; Unitarian hymnal tradition; unknown Unitarian hymn book 16–17th century;

Summary/Abstract: Both the structure and the contents of the Bölöni codex (between 1615–1621) present numerous problems. Th e codex was copied by diff erent hands, it is partially truncated, and the extant texts are not arranged in a chronological order. Earlier research failed to properly establish either the structure or the source of the codex. Its texts seem to be most closely related to the Unitarian hymnal tradition, however, a detailed comparison with the songs in the Unitarian hymnal of 1616, known today as the earliest such songbook, reveals a high number of textual diff erences. This paper establishes the origins of the Bölöni codex based on the available data, and compares its textual variants with the contemporary Protestant hymn tradition. Based on the synoptic reading and the structural as well as transcriptional characteristics of the codex, the proposed conclusion is that the direct or indirect source of the Bölöni codex must be a now unavailable Unitarian hymn book which was most likely published between 1593 and 1601.

  • Issue Year: 124/2018
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 21-47
  • Page Count: 27
  • Language: Hungarian