Forms of the Imperfect in the Assemanianus Gospel Cover Image
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Формы имперфекта в Ассеманиевом евангелии
Forms of the Imperfect in the Assemanianus Gospel

Author(s): Imre Toth
Subject(s): History of Church(es), Theoretical Linguistics, Theory of Literature
Published by: Akadémiai Kiadó
Keywords: imperfect; Old Church Slavonic; Codex Assemanianus; Codex Suprasliensis; Savvina Kniga;

Summary/Abstract: The paper claims that in Old Church Slavonic documents imperfect forms undergo processes of transfer and congruence, their full forms being ousted by shortened forms of the imperfect. The history of imperfect forms is well reflected in the Codex Suprasliensis on the one hand, and Savvina Kniga on the other. Classical documents and material from the Codex Assemanianus are studied insufficiently regarding shortened and full imperfect forms. The present paper intends to examine the correlation of shortened and full imperfect forms as well as to reveal the morphological peculiarities of the imperfect in the Codex Assemanianus with respect to the significance of this document in the history of Old Church Slavonic gospel translations.

  • Issue Year: 48/2003
  • Issue No: 1-3
  • Page Range: 275-281
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Russian