Why Do We Need the New Media? The Return Back to the Source Cover Image

Po co nam nowe media? Próba podróży do źródła
Why Do We Need the New Media? The Return Back to the Source

Author(s): Barbara Orzeł
Subject(s): Anthropology, Media studies, Ethics / Practical Philosophy, Communication studies, Theory of Communication
Published by: Instytut Nauk o Kulturze i Studiów Interdyscyplinarnych - Wydział Filologiczny - Uniwersytet Śląski
Keywords: media;new media;communication;

Summary/Abstract: This article tries to answer the three main questions: where do the new media come from? What are the new media? And finally: why do we need the new media? The following problems focuses on finding common ground for concepts, phenomena and mechanisms that combines the digital and cultural order, provides the foundation for reflection on the philosophy of technology, the essential human's needs (related to the interface issues), the question of how metaphors matters in new media ("the extensions", "the communication channel", "the symbolic forms", the Net and the Rhizome). The foregoing discussion has attempted to present the cultural perception of media and the importance of communication in human's life.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 26
  • Page Range: 155-165
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Polish