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Strict CV without government
Strict CV without government

Author(s): Guillaume Enguehard
Subject(s): Theoretical Linguistics, Phonetics / Phonology
Published by: Akadémiai Kiadó
Keywords: CVCV; government; Obligatory Contour Principle; epenthesis; dissimilation;

Summary/Abstract: In this paper, I aim to unify the Empty Category Principle of Government Phonology with another (more general) principle: the Obligatory Contour Principle. I show that these principles share numerous structural properties: (i) they prevent sequences of identical entities, and (ii) they trigger the same repair mechanisms. The main difference is substantial: ECP handles empty syllabic components, when OCP handles phonological features. I propose to broaden the definition of OCP in including all phonological entities and I show to what extent this definition can account for the effects of ECP. Finally, I point out that this analysis can also account for some specificities of word-edges.

  • Issue Year: 65/2018
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 29-45
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: English