Climate Change as Generators of New Security Challenges Cover Image

Climate Change as Generators of New Security Challenges
Climate Change as Generators of New Security Challenges

Author(s): Milena Dimitrioska
Subject(s): Criminology, Human Ecology, Environmental interactions, Globalization
Published by: Факултет за безбедност - Скопје
Keywords: climate change; ecology; globalization; environmental crime; environmental criminology

Summary/Abstract: Scientific and technical development offers daily benefits that make life easier, but in parallel with this progress there is another process - the process of degradation of the environment and the emergence of climate changes that cause destructive sequence of phenomena. Climate change is supported by the globalization process and caused environmental crimes. These are new security challenges that make unstable the national and international security. This problem gets security dimension for the reasons that they encourage the migration process in the population thus producing tensions in the countries where they come from, and peaceful competition for the basic human resources has turned violent and led to wars and limited energy resources or log in threats of nuclear war. The purpose of this paper is to locate the causes that lead to the emergence of eco-threats, to show the current situation regarding the existence or non-existence of specialized criminalist personnel for the police in dealing with environmental crimes, as well as to indicate the consequences of the climate change that affect the security situation. Some of the reasons for climate change are environmental crimes. In violation of the legal provisions on environmental crimes individuals are able to put contribution to environmental degradation, and thus pull the string that climate change will endanger safety. Thus the problem is discussed in the light of some of the environmental crimes that occur as a reason for climate change. Environmental pollution increases the greenhouse effect. Illegal forest devastation and causing fires reduces forests worldwide. Illegal hunting and fishing led us to question the survival of some species, and thus come to disruption of the ecosystem. Illegal handling waste pollutes the environment, and causes general pollution of drinking water, food and water, and the destroying of crops causes health consequences and endangers life, the survival of animals and plants. In dealing with the previously explained specific types of crimes in our police practice there is a lack of specialized criminalist staff required in response to this form of crime. But in the future, according to the current situation in the world, creation of such staff and their functioning is expected. The road that will lead us to the information and the manner in which we could explain the findings of the content analysis of the collected material, generalization and specialization in terms of concept generalization, describes the explanatory synthesis that shapes the whole, while the conclusion is derived as a deduction amount or first general observations on the problem under investigation, and then individual views are performed.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 117-121
  • Page Count: 5
  • Language: English