Asymetric Threats and Risks as a Key Challenge for Security Today Cover Image

Asymetric Threats and Risks as a Key Challenge for Security Today
Asymetric Threats and Risks as a Key Challenge for Security Today

Author(s): Damjan Gjorgjievski
Subject(s): Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Security and defense
Published by: Факултет за безбедност - Скопје
Keywords: security; individual security; human rights; dignity; asymmetric threats and risks; terrorism; global security

Summary/Abstract: Security is the foundation of our individual and collective existence. Through optimal achievement and promoting the fundamental values, other life values and other interests can only benefit with positive effects. One of the key challenges to security in the twenty-first century is exactly the asymmetric threats and risks. The security related asymmetric threats constantly carry some complex dilemmas, conflicting opinions, long discussions, different attitudes and opinions. Through years back, this subject has been constantly under discussion in the UN, but also at the numerous scientific conferences, councils, different seminars that primarily discuss the issues related to international relations and international politics, international crises, conflicts, terrorism and organized crime, the rights and freedom of people and global security. Multidimensionality and sensitivity of asymmetric threats do not allow making a selection that shall provide clear cut contours of this phenomenon. One approach is too general and comprehensive; others are of too small-scale and not comprehensive enough. When we say asymmetric threats, we all know that we do not imply to classic military threats from external enemies, and that it is still not about something conventional or already seen. Namely, the next inevitable question arises and that is how to deal with asymmetric threats, when we have a serious problem even to define or classify them? Do the world scientific professionals have an answer for this set of more serious phenomena facing humanity today? In which direction are the efforts of the experts in the field of security, who are entrusted with the role to find a solution for terrorism, of which still cannot be found any comprehensive, unified and clear definition? How shall we deal with the environmental, economic, natural threats and risks, as well as with the other threats which seriously defy individual human security, the security of states, the other political, economic or other unions or the overall international security and stability? In terms of intensive globalization process and the expansion of technical and technological achievements in the digital era, people stand in front of the basic need to protect themselves, their physical integrity, their subsistence, their economic security and their offspring, while firmly preserving their inalienable dignity as a symbol for the human race. The science of security and all its more or less related disciplines are required to enable all this.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 87-93
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: English