Metaanthropology as a methodology of academic mobility research Cover Image

Метаантропологія як методологія дослідження феномена академічної мобільності
Metaanthropology as a methodology of academic mobility research

Author(s): Denys Svyrydenko
Subject(s): Anthropology, Recent History (1900 till today), Higher Education , Methodology and research technology, Ontology
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: academic mobility; heuristic; meta-anthropology; ordinary being of a human; transcendent being of a human; ultimate being of a human;

Summary/Abstract: The phenomenon of academic mobility is a active part of Ukrainian and European higher education discourses. The documents dedicated to processes of development of European Higher Education Area (EHEA) as well as directions of modernization of higher education sphere at our country and abroad use academic mobility as a key factor that determines the future of higher education at ХХІ century. Academic mobility term is actively used during articulation of problems of building of global higher education sphere and trying to find the answer how ideas of academic mobility can be implemented at the context of Ukrainian educational tradition, or what potential has European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) etc. At the moment deep content of academic mobility phenomenon is paled into insignificance in front of developing of instruments of one’s implementation. According to mentioned situation, became actual need of discovering of content of this important term of higher education modernization discourse. Herewith it is actually to use contemporary philosophic methodological approaches. We attempt to use methodological approaches of meta-anthropology for analyze of academic mobility phenomenon takes place at the article. Meta-anthropology postulates three existential dimensions of being of a human (ordinary being, ultimate and transcendent ones). The ordinary being is a most abstract condition of human being without personal manifestations. It is defined by will of self-preservation and prolongation of generations. The ordinary being can be described by indeterminacy of own life way, fear of existential choice. Meta-anthropology understand this diminution of being as an impersonal, civilizational one. The ultimate dimension of being of a human is characterized by being-at-limit which products the personal basics through the negation of ordinary being. This dimension is a rise against predefined manner of human life, attainment to freedom. Acknowledged passage out of limits of ordinary being takes place at ultimate existential dimension of being. It also is a passage to existential space where person actualize one’s individual possibilities and became tragically lonely at the result of will of power, perception and creativity ones. Transcendent being of a human is a dimension where person performs the passage out of ordinary predefined being and ultimate one with its tragic loneliness. The basis of this dimension is a will of freedom and love which pushes person to self-creation, creation of productive communication space and conditions of personality eternal life. Usually when we are saying about academic mobility we leave out of our attention questions of person transformation concentrating of the facts of crossings of country borders, observation of rules of credit transfer system etc. From our standpoint mentioned facts are just formal, external. We propose an idea that growing of heuristic potential of person is a criterion of success of academic mobility act. Becoming a participant of academic mobility person is performed renovation of the set of own knowledge, competencies and skills that opened new horizons of creative searches at subject sphere. Using methodological approaches of meta-anthropology we discovered some aspects of implementation of academic mobility phenomenon. We found that academic mobility can’t actualize (or actualize at imitating form) at the ordinary existential dimension of being of a human. It happens because this dimension is defined by unwillingness to pass out the borders of person’s non-creative averaged way of living and thinking. Academic mobility at the ultimate being of a human is determined be will of power, perception and creativeness, but it stays only a mean for selfish growing up, for achievement of pragmatic goals based on depthless communication with eventual heuristic manifestations. Academic mobility actualizes at one’s true sense only at transcendent being of a human. At this dimension academic mobility becomes an instrument for an increment of heuristic potential of personality. The strategy of this academic mobility includes tolerance, poly-cultural thinking, humanism, understanding of Another’s value, openness, will of depth communication etc. At the article we analyze and expound ideas of educational discourse theorists form one side (I. Babin, V. Baidenko, Ya. Bolubash, A. Harmash, N. Karamysheva, V. Kremen, N. Seleznyova); form another side, ideas of theorists of Meta-anthropology scientific school (S. Krylova, N. Khamitov).

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 9-13
  • Page Count: 5
  • Language: Ukrainian