The importance of László Hadrovics in the field of Croatian philology Cover Image
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Die Bedeutung von László Hadrovics im Bereich der kroatistischen Philologie
The importance of László Hadrovics in the field of Croatian philology

Author(s): István Vig
Subject(s): Theoretical Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Finno-Ugrian studies, South Slavic Languages, Philology
Published by: Akadémiai Kiadó
Keywords: Croatian; Hungarian; László Hadrovics; etymology; historical linguistics; language contact;

Summary/Abstract: The present paper is a narrower cross-section of the very rich contribution to Croatistics by the Hungarian linguist László Hadrovics (1910–1996). It presents the findings of his research entailing the contact between the Hungarian and the Croatian languages, the Croatian literary language in Burgenland (former Western Hungary) as well as his findings in etymological studies. Hadrovics was a prominent, internationally acknowledged linguist of his time. His great achievements are marked by the richness in data and by the numerous novel methodological approaches applied in his monograph on the words of Hungarian origin in the Serbo-Croatian language. His book served as a pattern to a great number of successive publications. His work on the Croatian literary language in Burgenland, among others, publishes its first dictionary of this kind. As far as his etymological studies are concerned, the renewal of his research methods is of prominent interest. Hadrovics broke up with the practice of earlier etymological research which was based on using dictionary entries. The author went back to the sources themselves, which yielded much more reliable results. With his new approach, he gained outstanding results, even on an international level.

  • Issue Year: 61/2016
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 31-44
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  • Language: German