The value of ataraxia state as an important stabilizing value Cover Image

Стану атараксії як важлива стабілізуюча цінність
The value of ataraxia state as an important stabilizing value

Author(s): Viktoria Rudko
Subject(s): Metaphysics, 19th Century Philosophy, German Idealism, Existentialism
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: ataraxia; harmony; еidos; metamorphosis; value;

Summary/Abstract: The problem of achieving happiness and harmony is always important. The development of ideas about the world and people from the mythological to the theoretical level inevitably contains the idea of original harmony of the universe, but an understanding of harmony is usually associated with a reflection on the tragedy and limitations of human being. This reflection leads to deviations from the positive interpretation of everyday human existence and emphasizes the need of difficult path to self-improvement for getting lost "naturality" and thus harmony. Therefore, the concept of harmony presents two variants – original harmony and new-found harmony as a result of improving and finding the highest wisdom. Harmony in each case (the first – as the beginning and conclusion, and the second – as the very process) turns removing the duality and contradictions of the world, fixed by the consciousness of civilized human. Ataraxia as perception and support of harmony turns to be removing a deep reflection on the double, contradictory, twin foundations of the universe. It is human nature to wonder and explore the truth. So, when a person is released of the normal needs and concerns, tries to see, hear and learn what is giving knowledge to it, both of implicit and explicit things needed for a blissful life. Kierkegaard believed that to calm a man down, to give him peace of mind can only despair, which is completely free mental act that leads him to the knowledge of the absolute. True despair, helping people to understand themselves makes them feel the love for humanity and life. Slowly despair destroys in man everything superfluous, unnecessary, vain and leads him to the realization of eternal significance. Particularly some philosophers impressed Kierkegaard, whose opinion carried to the highest degree of the objective peace, and they lived in despair. They, in his opinion, entertained themselves with pure objective thought, which is the most intoxicating of all the ways and means to which a person applies for fun: abstract thinking requires depersonalization of man. A feeling of eternal life and the universe was appropriate to Einstein, who stated that he merged with the laws of the universe so much, that personal death does not seem a great event to him. Hegel's philosophy, as any ingenious construction, is a kind of game of beads. His work "The Science of Logic" purifies the soul and the mind of everything accidental and superficial, including it to the harmony of cosmos. "All reasonable is real. Everything real is reasonable" – this expression reaches the position of Descartes "think, therefore I exist". But for Descartes this is a confirmation of self-worth thoughts and of his own existence. For Hegel, this idea is not only confirmation, but the excuse of being. The philosopher really considered that everything real is reasonable, everything real is reasonable. Although we usually see that being is foolish or absurd. But we should remember that as being Hegel considered only immortal. It is in this sense "the being determines the consciousness". To philosophize, according to Hegel, is the same as live forever. To whom it is available for life, he understands the dialectics of Hegel and metametafora. As for metametaphor K. O. Kedrov wrote in details. Only in the state of ataraxia we can come to metametaphor. Metametaphor is a description of contortion – inside-out. Space is known not by stars, but because of human love. Fullness of love is a spiritualized body and spirit, incarnated in the flesh or human-space – Homo cosmicus. We have to recollect the stoic doctrine of amor fati and its cosmopolitism and all of these due to ataraxial state of a thinking person. Turning out should not be considered as a psychedelic illusion or other ideologem. Turning out is not achieved by some meditation and other elements of self-encoding. This is a natural point of spiritual maturation that comes as a revelation, spontaneously and involuntarily. It can only be in love. For turning out the love is needed. For Nirvana is a renunciation of the senses. There are zero people, people of Nirvana and people of indefinity, people of contortion. For some people ataraxia is a goal for the other – means. Thus, the embodiment of the values of harmony, proportion and eurhythmy in the life of the individual and society affects processes such as: support of natural balance, balance of relationships with the environment; the most effective adaptation to the conditions of external reality; environmental philosophy, environmental activities; conservatism in the environmental and social spheres, avoiding innovations that qualitatively alter the environment and the nature of relationship with it. In this context we can include the value of the state of ataraxia to major stabilizing values of individuals who contribute to an optimal interaction with the environment: nature and society. So ataraxia is the special value of individual and social life, which promotes removal of life meaning problems of death, absurdity, alienation of the world. Existential contradiction "fear – suffering – ignorance – loneliness" is resolved internally, through the formation of a positive attitude towards oneself and the outside world – ataraxia. It is like the peace of mind that is the source of bliss, serenity, is, according to the philosophers, the supreme value. So, ataraxia as harmonious, reasonable and eurhythmic relationship of the individual with the world is a value that is essential for a positive attitude to the world.

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 3-7
  • Page Count: 5
  • Language: Ukrainian