Pay attention to what you hear (Marc 4,24). Teaching concerning the prayer of Lectio divina. Cover Image

"Fate attenzione come ascoltate" (Mc 4,24). Insegnamento sulla preghiera della Lectio divina
Pay attention to what you hear (Marc 4,24). Teaching concerning the prayer of Lectio divina.

Author(s): Gabriel Pisarek
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Theology and Religion, Biblical studies
Published by: Wyższe Seminarium Misyjne Księży Sercanów
Keywords: lectio divina;

Summary/Abstract: The prayer with the use of the word of God, Lectio divina, is one of the best methods to enter into the dialog with God. It has it roots in the deep Christian tradition and it keeps to be relevant even today. Over the years it assumed its classical division to: lectio, meditatio, oratio and contemplatio. From time immemorial the Church encourages people to practice this form of prayer. It was also fostered by the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, by the teaching after the Council, as well as by the popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. These encouragements bear the fruits in the life of numerous Christian communities and in the life of many people, because it seems be a form of prayer suitable for both: individual people and communities. This form of prayer finds also its place in many theological publications especially those concerning Christian spirituality. The best example for everyone wanting to practice Lectio divina was given by Mary, because it cannot be treated only as a method of prayer. It is something more; it is a style of life that forms the relationship with God and with other people as well. The life of Mary is distinguished exactly by this style.

  • Issue Year: 25/2013
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 91-104
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: English, Italian