Value orientations formation in the process of cultural socialization Cover Image

Формування ціннісних орієнтацій у процесі культурної соціалізації особистості
Value orientations formation in the process of cultural socialization

Author(s): Nataliya Mykolayivna Golovach
Subject(s): Media studies, Sociology of Culture, ICT Information and Communications Technologies, Globalization
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: cultural experience; cultural socialization; values; value orientations; mass communication;

Summary/Abstract: In the article the handing over of cultural experiences that define the type of socialization and influence the formation of value orientations of the individual are studied. The socio-cultural values of industrial, post-industrial and information society and identified changes that occur in the process of cultural socialization are analyzed. Today conscious and unconscious lifestyle choices of the individual embodied through the process of socialization, which covers all areas of life and affects the development of more socially active individual, and value orientation are part of the internal structure of the individual, which are formed are fixed and the life experiences in the process of social adaptation and socialization. Value orientations inherent connection with the society, they are not just the structure of moral consciousness, but are the basis of human behavior, thus are practical, since the value realized in the life and confirmed or discarded experience. Note that the value orientation is an important component of personality structure that has motivational, cognitive, emotional and evaluative components. They are flexible, freely elected, with the relationship between the individual and society, institutions of socialization, culture, values and interests and meet the individual needs of the person. And the changes taking place in society in some way reflected in the mind, thus there is a change in the system of value orientations However, in present global social change is necessary to the formation of new values, and examining contemporary contradictions in personality development should take into account the socio-cultural values of the industrial and post-industrial societies. After all, today there is a change of type of socialization, which led to the emergence of a new social type of personality, such as a controversial personality, transition, combining value orientation and norms of industrial and post-industrial eras. Globalization and informatization contribute to the development of computer communications and the Internet not only provides corporate and personal communication, but also creates new habitat like. Internet communications are changing concepts of space and time, universalizuyetsya show culture that generates new attitudes towards selfrealization and self-presentation. The invention of the computer, accelerating population growth, environmental destruction, uniting all parts of the world information and communication means has caused significant generation gap concerning the philosophical and spiritual foundations of man and society. Modern information technologies allow the younger generation in a short period of time to get this amount of information that previous generations received for decades, using modern means of communication can learn from the experience of several generations Today such manifestations of globalization as standardization of education, information, entertainment, seriality spiritual products, affects the process of socialization, raises the problem of the young man's ability to maintain its own identity under the influence unifying factors. Social status and the uncertainty of youth, the transformation of traditional mechanisms of regulation of behavior, the destruction of social attitudes, norms and ideas that is not without the influence of cultural globalization, the marginalization cause many young people that can lead to the development and dissemination or nihilism, or fanaticism For example, some young people are now focused on Western values, "spirituality" that is quite arbitrary, but affects the minds of young people. In turn, the media control a large part of the leisure activities of young people and an important tool for the formation of social attitudes, values youth. Young people in the perception of the present and future, construction of systems of values prevailing orientation that offer media on virtual realization of themselves with computer games, preferring instead a real virtual communication. As for the modern development of Ukrainian society, according to many scientists observed the crisis of values that has a display of orientation on material needs; permanent narrowing of the field of social interest; plasticity mentality Ukrainian population, generated by its ability to adapt to any social change; subordination of mass consciousness influence of the media as an external manifestation of virtualization lifestyle; lack of regulatory functions of moral consciousness; worship significant proportion of the population before the authorities even in a situation of relative freedom of choice alternatives; indiscriminateness cultural and willingness to consume any moral surrogates. Therefore, the destruction of the old system of values without replacing creates a new set of social problems including social instability, crisis of morality, fall in the value of human life and so on. As a result, according to scientists in society there is value nihilism, cynicism, rushing from one box to the other and other symptoms of social pathology. Consequently, values dynamic phenomenon, because each new generation learns the value of the previous generation through the prism of their own perception, adding their own values. Also, changes in the value orientations associated with changes in the economic, cultural, political and other spheres of society. Values are formed in youth socialization during the assimilation of new knowledge and socio - psychological experience and manifest the purposes, interests, beliefs, communication, business. Now the priority values are individual success that identified with material well-being, and this causes a conflict between the demands of modern society to youth and youth of a certain reluctance to answer them.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 34
  • Page Range: 234-241
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Ukrainian