Family and domestic songs as a component of Ukrainian family spiritual culture Cover Image

Родинно-побутові пісні як складник духовної культури Української сім’ї
Family and domestic songs as a component of Ukrainian family spiritual culture

Author(s): Ruslana Hapetchenko
Subject(s): Social differentiation, Sociology of Culture
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: spiritual culture; family; spirituality; spirit; spiritual development of a family;

Summary/Abstract: This article analyses spiritual culture as a treasury that forms family values; considers separate aspects which happen in the cultural sphere within the period of transformational processes in Ukraine. It characterizes tendencies of a society development, which have contradictory character and influence on a formation of a spiritual development of a family; considers spirit and soul in the structure of spirituality and also defines a concept – family spiritual culture; analyses cultural and spiritual development of a modern family and essence of a family spirituality. Spiritual culture is the greatest treasure formation of family values, which derive their generation to which they contribute. The acquisition of culture by various ways - through education, practical science, language, rites, direct imitation, copying and more. Such methods are called traditional forms of transmission of culture. In the process of social development and family functioning occurring formation and perfection of spiritual culture, new cultural values, there are traditions, customs, festivals and ceremonies, which concentrate the new experience, which results in an objective form of social development. On the one hand, they are a form of preservation and development of spiritual culture, on the other – way mechanism of transmission, continuity of culture. Spiritual culture and family life of Ukrainian society is unimaginable without customs, traditions and different rituals and holidays. National customs, traditions, celebrations and ceremonies in all their diversity are integral elements of spiritual culture, which are the ceremonial side, concentrating social experience, speaking one form of continuity between past, present and future. Family life Ukrainian traditionally accompanied by various rites and rituals that are figurative and symbolic form marked certain stages of life and the most important stage of the family in its life cycle: creation of family, birth of a child, her age, family anniversaries, death of a seven member 'her. Family traditions, customs and rituals reflect the best experience of parenting each nation. Sophistication durable family-family, residential and cultural traditions indicates a high level of forming ethnic group, every nationality. These include song and dance, as two powerful psychophysical factors expressing moral and ethical and aesthetic values of the cultural soul of Ukrainian people. The structure spirituality advisable to differentiate spirit and soul. The concept of spirit is associated with the activity of consciousness. Spirit is always active, active, full of creative energy. It is through the spirit of a person perceives and evaluates world primarily in the ideas of various ideological nature, humanistic, ethical, environmental, religious and others. Path to direct contact with the spiritual is through internal sensations (through life). Culture is the real form of family life that keeps it in existence, inherent in a human being. In the cultural reality of the man cannot be separated from society. Through cultural forms person owns them. In culture combined two layers of human existence: personal forms of life that are directly involved in livelihoods, and acquired previous generations. Cultural life form provides a person the sovereignty of personal life. Spirituality opens family members access to love, conscience and sense of duty to the law, the arts and artistic beauty, science, prayer, religion. Only it enables the individual to understand what is true and most precious in life, give what is worth living. Spiritual, individual spirit is a corresponding acceptance and adherence to the highest standards of aggregate human culture, experiences moral norms of coexistence both domestic categorical imperative, learning higher values of tribal life as their own. Individual human spirit appears in various yavah, revealing not only the various sides, but the level of human reality. The analysis of cultural reality as the basis of spiritual development involves consideration of family forms in which they exist and because each family member assumes the character of self-determination. In culture combines two layers of human existence: physical (the length of life) and acquired (social). Because culture is the real form of life of the individual in the physical and social time. Through it man is connected with the world and reality and the spiritual man acquires the ability to hold to a certain cultural plane. In the spiritual life of society prevailing ambiguous and contradictory trends: on the one hand, we see a significant growth of national consciousness, increased public participation in the cultural life of the community, search for all segments of the population humanistic spiritual orientation. On the other - the obvious reduction of the general cultural level of the population, large-scale displays pragmatism as the spread of individualistic expression of sentiment, offensive commercial mass culture that aims not augmenting human in man, and higher profits. Identified trends require serious scientific analysis aimed at studying the features of formation of spiritual culture of the family, its preservation and transmission.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 34
  • Page Range: 175-183
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Ukrainian