Sound design and musical drama, cinema and television Cover Image

Саунд-дизайн і музична драматургія, кіно та телебачення
Sound design and musical drama, cinema and television

Author(s): Aleksandr Lishafai
Subject(s): Media studies, Music, Film / Cinema / Cinematography
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: Director; drama; film; music; television; the audio system; sound design;

Summary/Abstract: The article reviewed an advanced spatial sound system, which in foreign literature has received the name of Wave field Synthesis. Examples of the domestic film industry, which testify the art of sound design and sound production, are given. It is noted that it’s impossible to determine exactly what type of media is most effective for impact the audience. They show their efficiency during the assessment of synthetic types of the cinema and television, of interaction between human and mass media. Modern TV and radio have different natural features, strengths and weaknesses that affect the identification of key directions and objectives; they try to attract the attention of the audience. Mass media in an open society allows sharing a variety of information easily. Video and audio, as well as sound design has entered the audience’s consciousness. It is proven that the use of sound design is urgent in various fields of art, including filmmaking, TV production, theatre, sound recording, live performance, and sound art, post-production and game development. Audio, audio technology, video technology, video technology, video and audio products is an integral part of modern globalized culture. It is reflected in the domestic film industry in Sergei Parajanov’s films, such as "Shadows of forgotten ancestors", "Ukrainian Rhapsody". We can as well follow it in the works of Yuri Ilyenko – movies like "White bird with black mark", "A Feast of baked potatoes", "Forest song. Mavka”, “The Legend about Princess Olga", "Swan lake. Zone". "Unbowed", "The Iron Hundred", "Vladyka Andrey"; movies of O. Yanchuk. Thanks to the technical development of sound reproduction systems sound engineers have the tools to create spatial sensations, to control the location of the sound objects in space, to work with sound plans, which in turn affects the improvement of the means of artistic expression of the art of sound production. Technical tools help us to interpret and reproduce the plot. In the twentieth century, a transition from mono to the stereo had taken a place, and the system matrix had gradually formed; sound is presented in formats like DolbyDigital, DTS, SDDS, etc. The development of digital technology at the turn of XX and XXI centuries has aroused new interest in the field of spatial sound. The technology of Blu-ray is developed (Shared with Home Theater Systems, Optical Drives) – the most popular DVD format high resolution. The list of representatives of postmodernism in Ukrainian cinema includes such directors as Kira Muratova, Yuri Ilyenko, Roman Balayan, Oles Sanin, Alexander Shapiro, Sergei Loznitsa, Eva Neumann, Alan Badoev, Ivan Kravchishin, Aleksandr Kiriyenko, I. Strembicki, Ivan Kravchishin, Alan Badoev, etc.. In their works we can trace the directing style and various approaches to implementation of the dramaturgical process. The author came to the conclusion that the development of the technology of sound design and WFS, Dynamic Color Enhancer, Digital Living Network Alliance, Dolby Digital Decoder, DBEF (Dual Brightness Enhancement Film), Direct LED, Virtual Surround Plus Virtual Surround Plus, T8 allows creating a sense of video reality, high quality surround sound, adding a number of effects. Depending on style of directing and sound design, as well as specifics the musical material principle of functioning of music in the media text is important; it can be: illustration, design, dramatic, and also mixed – that is, combining characteristics of several of the principles. Recording and sound design technology \\ T8 is concerned with the use of multimedia technologies. The use of multimedia allows you to create sequential record, which opens up the sound engineer the ability to create virtual sound spaces, high reliability. The developed technology of Blu-ray immerses the listener in a virtual sound field, allowing him to move freely in space, thereby to interact with the created sound picture. New formats of video and audio are developed, providing for further improvement of the art of sound production, expanding the creative palette available to the engineer. The phenomenon of sound design, directing, multimedia is traced as a specific form of interaction between the types of art. Methodological orientation, theoretical provisions and scientific results of the research can be the basis in further integrated study of sound design

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 35
  • Page Range: 177-187
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Ukrainian
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