Scientific-theoretical approaches of problem of preservation book instructions in Ukraine Cover Image

Науково-теоретичні підходи до проблеми зберігання книжкових пам’яток в Україні
Scientific-theoretical approaches of problem of preservation book instructions in Ukraine

Author(s): Yuriy Ivanovich Gorban
Subject(s): Library operations and management
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: store; bookstore landmarkli; brary fund; conservation; restoration;

Summary/Abstract: The article highlights the problems of storage of library collections in Ukraine in the conditions of informatization, directions storage of the library collection as a whole system in the conditions of informatization of society; the concept of librarian storage of the literary monuments, the specifics of storage libraries scientific funds. We addresses the issue of systematic monitoring of the ecological state libraries, the study of the physical condition of the books translating documents on chronos; digitization of documents; features of translation of documents of the insurance fund. The training of restorers of books in Ukraine, the formation of the careful attitude to the books by users, the attitude of librarians to the preservation of literary monuments, preparation and retraining of personnel. Storage funds is an important channel of spiritual revival of national culture and intellectualization of modern Ukrainian society, the accumulation of social and cultural experience, the right of citizens to free access to operational and retrospective information fixed on different physical media. In the context of keeping the library collection as an integrated system in the information society must consider the following three areas: the value of information (for documents, valuable content, not the printing design and artistic performance); the value of tangible media (for old, rare and valuable documents); system integrity, combining the value of information and material storage (for documents of high demand), which requires the simultaneous preservation of both components. Saving book collections sold a number of areas: development of optimal management storage system library property; Development of modern instructional and methodological documents regulating tehnichnist saving funds; physical and chemical hygiene and preservation of library collections by creating its own database and restoration of health funds; timely quality repair depositories; attraction to this end with the restoration of highly skilled professionals and health books; consistent implementation of effective results in practice research, recommendations for preservation funds, research excellence largest libraries in the country. Implement basic functions Main Ukrainian libraries, analysis of informatization of libraries in Ukraine led to the need to work to create a theoretical framework and practical implementation of Computer Library Center, which helps to ensure accessibility of documentary resources of the largest depositories of Ukraine and their introduction into the world information space. The problem of neutralizing the acidity in the paper sought to resolve domestic and foreign scientists. Therefore, exercise is extremely important preventive conservation – implementation of preventive measures aimed at preventing the destruction process of document conservation phase – in respect of damaged documents placed in acid-free cardboard containers with further restrictions on their use, stabilization and restoration of documents. Library buildings should be designed, as far as possible to meet the requirements related to provision storage assets. These requirements affect many aspects of planning, architectural design and location of the building; building materials (which may under certain circumstances be used to create a satisfactory microclimate inside the building, materials for interior structural elements and building process, materials used in the manufacture of furniture and equipment including shelving and light sources, both natural and artificial. An important issue in the storage system of book monuments there is an urgent need to introduce an effective system of training, retraining and skills development. Indeed, in modern Ukraine virtually no system of professional training of restorers books. Successful implementation of conservation plans documentaries funds based on the complex challenges related to the introduction of innovative approaches, principles and technologies; intensification of applied research on issues of conservation, restoration and bio documents and prevention of emergency situations in libraries and archives. UNESCO program "Memory of the World" has two objectives: the preservation of valuable additional means of documentary monuments of human history and an attempt to make them available. Book monuments require special treatment. They represent a book as a cultural phenomenon, whose essence is realized in the unity of published work and the way it materializes. This determines the task of maintaining book monuments in full their original characteristics and important in the historical and culturally features that are acquired during the existence of the book.