Stargate of the Hidden Multiverse Cover Image

Звёздные врата скрытой Мультивселенной
Stargate of the Hidden Multiverse

Author(s): Alexander Antonov
Subject(s): Philosophy, Philosophy of Science
Published by: Международное философско-космологическое общество
Keywords: Multiverse; Supermultiverse; star gates; portals; imaginary numbers; tachions; special theory of relativity; dark matter; dark energy; dark dimensions;

Summary/Abstract: Concept of Monoverse, which corresponds to the existing broad interpretation of the second postulate of the special theory of relativity, is not consistent with the modern astrophysical reality — existence of the dark matter and the dark energy, the total mass-energy of which is ten times greater than the mass-energy of the visible universe (which has been considered as the entire universe until very recent) . This concept does not allow to explain their rather unusual properties — invisibility and lack of baryon content — which would seem to even destroy the very modern understanding of the term ‘matter’. However, all numerous alternative concepts of Multiverses, which have been proposed until today, are unable to explain these properties of the dark matter and dark energy. This article describes a new concept: the concept of the hidden Multiverse and hidden Supermultiverse, which mutual invisibility of parallel universes is explained by the physical reality of imaginary numbers. This concept completely explains the phenomenon of the dark matter and the dark energy. Moreover, it is shown that the dark matter and the dark energy are the experimental evidence for the existence of the hidden Multiverse. Described structure of the hidden Multiverse is fully consistent with the data obtained by the space stations WMAP and Planck. An extremely important property of the hidden Multiverse is an actual possibility of its permeation through stargate located on the Earth.

  • Issue Year: 16/2016
  • Issue No: 16
  • Page Range: 11-27
  • Page Count: 17
  • Language: Russian