Art-aethetical features of development of Ukrainian art and iconography Cover Image

Художньо-естетичні особливості розвитку Українського образотворчого мистецтва та іконопису
Art-aethetical features of development of Ukrainian art and iconography

Author(s): Irina Leonidivna Golub
Subject(s): Christian Theology and Religion, Visual Arts, Aesthetics, Transformation Period (1990 - 2010)
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: fine art; artistic means of expression; icon-painting; principles of image;

Summary/Abstract: The article is devoted to the need for more detailed study of the artistic and aesthetic features of Ukrainian fine art and the art of icon painting. Development of the artistic style of Orthodox iconography is impossible without studying the specific incarnation of characters and possession of certain colours. The development of the Ukrainian national culture is impossible without research conditions of the growth of the artistic identity of fine art and Orthodox iconography, sacred art, which has been actively developing in Ukraine since the beginning of 90s of XX century. The most valuable source of spiritual restoration is art that fills the space of contemporary artistic culture with new ideas about the aesthetics of the world. There is an important matter of studying art features Ukrainian art and iconography, awareness of the patterns of development of methods and styles of Ukrainian art, which is part of the contemporary artistic scene. Existing scientific data on the characteristics of the art of iconography, as a system of religious outlook is of particular importance. Its development based on the synthesis of fine arts achievements is a prerequisite for the development of philosophical and artistic thinking, social awareness. Development of the above named issues in science is crucial, because the means of artistic reproduction features help to better reveal the characteristics of symbolic significance of contemporary Ukrainian art style and iconography. For thousands of years in the Ukrainian art underwent a process of historic development and its types, styles, based on the synthesis heritage artistic heritage. The influence of Byzantine culture following the introduction of Christianity in Kievan Rus allowed to create a unique styled iconography and methods. Ukrainian iconography of the late twentieth early twenty-first centuries is a complicated process, which is characterized by the search for new methods and forms and means of expression required use of tools expressive activity that will optimize the process of forming a unique style of Ukrainian art and help to understand the art of icon painting. Direct contact with the Byzantine artistic culture manifested in Ukrainian medieval iconography. Ukrainian iconography is not a strict analogy with the art of Byzantium. Themes and forms of Byzantine iconography were adopted, converted to Ukrainian art. Ukrainian icons saved the general principles of Byzantine art style combined with rich decorative forms Ukrainian folk art. The concept of «style» in art is ambiguous using its various science. The structure of the individual style of art known as Ukrainian artists fine art and iconography is complex and multilayered. Models of modern art style iconography reflect unity of content and system image art form that has developed specific socio-historical conditions and inherent in different periods of art; aggregate principal artistic features in the works of artists who appear as themes, ideas, symbols, and art and features distinctly. Features of the artistic process in the works of famous artists iconography show the complexity of the structure of the artwork and its stylistic layers increase and differences and shared with other cultural phenomena now. Fine art and iconography identifies the specific style of fiction that can find their implementation specific means of art: color, selection of methods, equipment images. The main types of color symbolism and color Byzantine painting, palette richness and depth of imagery became the basis of the content of sacred expression in Kievan Rus. Although Ukrainian Byzantine art had motivated not to lose its identity because of the clash of two cultures emphasized the preservation of spiritual foundations of each. Artistic features of the Ukrainian icon painting have the unique colours and symbolism. Artistic features iconography includes originality and symbolism of the color palette, technique image. Colors, spatial construction, volume and perspective – each item icon has its own symbolic meaning, its language and style. Another important aspect of the Ukrainian icon painting tradition that has a particular specificity is konstantnìst′ used sacral symbols and images. This is an important aspect of the Ukrainian icon painting tradition which has a certain specificity. The original principles of image and symbolism were inherent artistic peculiarities of Ukrainian religious art that changed in the course of their development. In fine arts of the originality of the system of artistic means appeared in the unity of the compositioniconographic solution using a decorative painting, features solar-light symbols, distinctive colour harmony and individuality of the choice of these tools toolbar (backward perspective, theory of light, volume, line, color, color). Selection of these vehicles was due to the long tradition of Ukrainian fine art (solemnity, decorative, symbolism), and was created by technology of the Byzantine Canon, the principle similarities and copy in the strict hierarchy of images

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 36
  • Page Range: 274-282
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: Ukrainian