Sense in the context of the body (bodily): the example of the phenomenon of death Cover Image

Смысл в контексте тела (телесности): на примере феномена смерти
Sense in the context of the body (bodily): the example of the phenomenon of death

Author(s): Alexej V. Dovgan
Subject(s): Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Existentialism, Sociology of Culture, Ontology
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: sense; body; corporeality; phenomenon of death; existential;

Summary/Abstract: The work deals with features of the place and role of sense as an example of the phenomenon of death in the context of cultural studies, in particular the analysis of the specifics of the functioning of the latter on the background outlined phenomenon as part of his existence in the culture. Methodology. The research methodology consists in applying the method of historical and logical and socio-philosophical analysis of the problem. Scientific novelty. The scientific novelty of this work is to study the phenomenon of the body (corporeal), as the subject of the action in terms of the whole ontological and cultural science – in particular. On the one hand it is an object of potential slave, that is productively assimilated in the future. (We are talking about the body as a component of cultural heritage: the implicit / explicit element of painting, architecture, dance and other things, that is, the physical determinant is converted into an element that bears the character of an ideal.) Conclusions. The body (corporeality) serves the primary form for sense, abiding in the subject-object relationship with reality: the object is represented in the culture string of secondary artefacts, being isolated from it as a derivative of its material representations of the physical world (body shape, silhouette, dance and pictorial motifs and so on); subject – as a source of creation of sense, the functioning of which leads to the cultural correlations, interference, and other fractal sense. At the same time the body as a physical object has certain characteristics of its functioning, the main of which is the phenomenon of finiteness of its material representations in ontological reality – death. The latter is not only biological, but also cultural and philosophical phenomenon, carrying out a large-scale impact on the culturological paradigm sense: primary (initial) understanding of acting in relation to the hermeneutic as «pre-understanding», – is the ratio of human consciousness unfolding in front of her around the world, and human body which stays in it prematurely.