Essence and Prospects of Media Criticism Research in Contemporary Russia Cover Image

Сущность и перспективы исследований медийной критики в современной России
Essence and Prospects of Media Criticism Research in Contemporary Russia

Author(s): Roman Petrovich Bakanov
Subject(s): Education, Media studies, Ethics / Practical Philosophy, ICT Information and Communications Technologies
Published by: Казанский (Приволжский) федеральный университет
Keywords: TV criticism; media criticism; television critic; mass media; television program; ethics; interpretation; Kazan school of journalism;

Summary/Abstract: The paper presents an overview of the studies on the state of media criticism. At present, this field of activity is mainly reflected in newspapers and magazines and online publications that contain media assessments (usually television). The authors of such texts are mainly critics, professionals who have many years of experience in journalism, art criticism, and other types of criticism (for example, theatrical, film criticism). In modern newspapers and magazines, this direction has gradually been reduced to weekly specialized author’s headings in federal publications. They are small texts of a survey nature and reflect an exclusively subjective and, therefore, controversial point of view. Media criticism has been gaining popularity on the Internet in the form of thematic forums, blogs, groups, and messages on personal pages in social networks. Here the speeches of professional critics coexist with the texts of so-called amateur critics – those who, for the first time, decided to publicly express their attitude to a particular program, the conduct of a guest or guest in the studio, the quality of a certain article, etc. The number of messages from them increases every day. It is difficult to say whether people who are the object of their attention or professional journalistic community listen to them. The author of this paper has identified two approaches of Russian researchers to the study of this relatively new branch in Russian journalism. Firstly, media criticism has been considered in terms of how much it contributes to raising the level of media education of the audience. Secondly, its creative implementation and potential have been analyzed.

  • Issue Year: 159/2017
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 589-603
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: Russian