Mind-Body Interaction in the Perspective of Indeterminism Cover Image

Психофизическое взаимодействие в перспективе индетерминизма
Mind-Body Interaction in the Perspective of Indeterminism

Author(s): Dmytro Sepetyi
Subject(s): Philosophy, Social Sciences, Metaphysics, Special Branches of Philosophy, Communication studies, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science
Published by: Международное философско-космологическое общество
Keywords: mind; physical; interactionism; determinism; causality; chance; subject; individual; freedom; responsibility;

Summary/Abstract: The article discusses the approach to the solution of the mind-body problem based on the combination of the mind-brain interactionism and determinism, as proposed by prof. V. Vasilyev. The basic thesis of this approach – that the belief in determinism and «the identity of past and future», as «a direct expression of the structure of human consciousness», is necessary («inevitable for us») – is contested. An argument is provided to show the possibility of a consistent worldview that admits the existence of causeless events. An alternative view of causation – based on K. Popper’s proposition to regard the concept of causation as derived from the concepts of regularities or laws of nature – is proposed as one (although not the only one) of such possibilities. The main objections to determinism are set out. The argument is made that interactionism in the combination with indeterminism much better agrees with natural human self-understanding than the deterministic conception, and allows rescuing the ideas of freedom and responsibility, which are necessary for a meaningful human life. The way to properly combine the deterministic and the indeterministic aspect of mental events is proposed. The idea about the fundamental role of the mental "individual" is elucidated and defended.

  • Issue Year: 14/2015
  • Issue No: 14
  • Page Range: 235-247
  • Page Count: 13
  • Language: Russian