Substantive Word Formation in the Sermon on Law and Grace Written by Hilarion Cover Image

Формы субстантивного словообразования в языке «Слова о законе и благодати» Илариона
Substantive Word Formation in the Sermon on Law and Grace Written by Hilarion

Author(s): Gennadiy Alekseyevich Nikolaev
Subject(s): Theoretical Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Eastern Slavic Languages, 6th to 12th Centuries
Published by: Казанский (Приволжский) федеральный университет
Keywords: Metropolitan Hilarion; Sermon on Law and Grace; substantive suffixation; composites; substantivates; null suffixation; functional aspect;

Summary/Abstract: The paper is devoted to the study of the system of derived words in the Sermon on Law and Grace created by the Kiev Metropolitan Hilarion in the first half of the 11th century. The main objective of the study is to show the initial language basis and principles of its use in creating virtually the first works of the Old Russian literature. As the genre-stylistic specificity of these works is largely revealed by the presence of a certain range of derivative suffix substantives in their language; the main purpose of this paper is to consider the system of substantive word formation in the language of Hilarion’s work. For this purpose, the methodology of synchronic analysis of the system of forms of derivative sub-stantives has been used against the background of historical development of the major categories of Russian word formation, which allows to show the functioning of linguistic facts in a particular text along with their development in the language. Based on the fact that it is important for the language text specifics to have a certain system of word-formation types (WFT), the number of derivatives of each WFT and the word-formative semantics of derived entities, it has been found that the most productive and regular types of derivative substantives in the text of the work created by Hilarion are null suffixation derivatives with syncretic semantics, abstract nouns with the -(е)ние (-(e)nie) suffix, composites, and substantivates.

  • Issue Year: 158/2016
  • Issue No: 5
  • Page Range: 1264-1275
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Russian