Leather-making in the Forest Zone of Rus’ in the 13th—14th Centuries Cover Image
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Кожевенное ремесло лесной зоны Руси в XIII—XIV вв.
Leather-making in the Forest Zone of Rus’ in the 13th—14th Centuries

Author(s): Alexandr V. Kurbatov
Subject(s): History, Archaeology, Middle Ages, 13th to 14th Centuries
Published by: Издательский дом Stratum, Университет «Высшая антропологическая школа»
Keywords: Rus’; 13th—14th centuries; leather-making; impact of the Golden Horde; technology development; innovations; decoration

Summary/Abstract: Interdisciplinary analysis of sources on leather making in medieval Rus’ suggests that the Mongol-Tatar invasion influenced positively the technology of tannery and formation of new types of footwear and other leather goods, as well as the development of decoration of leather objects in Rus’. Archaeological evidence of the 14th—15th centuries demonstrates changes in major forms of footwear in Russian towns. High boots became absolutely predominating whereas the openwork carbatinae and soft low shoes came out of use in the 14th century, so that they are not found itogether in the 15th—16 th centuries. In the construction of high boots, besides thicker leather and hidden (“v podtay”) seam type, a number of technological and decorative novelties were found.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 5
  • Page Range: 189-213
  • Page Count: 25
  • Language: Russian