Four Documents Concerning the Possessions of Hrvoje Vukčić in Dubrovnik (Ragusa) Cover Image

Четири исправе о поседима Хрвоја Вукчића у Дубровнику
Four Documents Concerning the Possessions of Hrvoje Vukčić in Dubrovnik (Ragusa)

Author(s): Neven Isailović
Subject(s): History, 15th Century, 16th Century
Published by: Центар за напредне средњовековне студије
Keywords: Hrvoje Vukčić; Balša Hercegović; Doroteja; Šimun Kladuški; Ivaniš (Ivan) Brezovički; Hrvoje’s house in Dubrovnik; Dubrovnik (Ragusa); Cathedral Chapter of Zagreb; documents; 15th century

Summary/Abstract: The paper contains a critical edition (text, translation, description, diplomatic analysis, historical circumstances) of three Latin documents of the Cathedral Chapter of Zagreb, issued on request of Doroteja Kladuška (later Brezovička), the daughter of Balša Hercegović and granddaughter of Hrvoje Vukčić. The documents are kept in the National Archives in Dubrovnik, series Miscellanea saeculi XV, subseries Litterae scriptae dominationi Ragusii. In addition to this, the paper also contains the edition and commentary of a Cyrillic letter kept in the same archive, concerning the same matter. The main legal effect of these documents was to give authorisation to envoys to collect money from the proceeds that Doroteja was entitled to, based on the lease of her half of her grandfather’s and father’s possessions in Dubrovnik (Ragusa). These procurae are at the same time statements about her ownership of the house, as well of the land and vineyards possessed by Hrvoje and Balša and inherited by Balša’s daughters – Katarina (the wife of Bosnian knez Tvrtko Borovinić) and Doroteja. In the first Latin document (issued on 24 March 1433), Doroteja is mentioned as the wife of Šimun Kladuški, in the second (issued on 6 May 1434) as his widow, and in the third (of 7 February 1439) as the wife of Ivaniš (Ivan) Brezovički. It has been established that the Cyrillic letter, hitherto imprecisely dated to 1434 based on an accompanying note, was almost certainly issued on 19 April 1433, and went in pair with the first Cathedral Chapter document from March 1433. Based on newly found sources, the views of earlier historians have been supplemented and corrected. It was found that Doroteja’s income was received, at least until the first decades of the second half of the 16th century, also by the Šubić Peranski family – descendants of her daughter Margareta Kladuška.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 5
  • Page Range: 127-155
  • Page Count: 29
  • Language: Serbian