Chemical erosion and hydrologic budget for the Susure karst plateau Cover Image

Хемијска ерозија и хидролошки биланс на простору карстног платоа шушуре
Chemical erosion and hydrologic budget for the Susure karst plateau

Author(s): Dušan Stojadinović, Ratko Ristić, Jugoslav Nikolić, Zoran Nikić
Subject(s): Physical Geopgraphy
Published by: Српско географско друштво
Keywords: limestone plateau; chemical erosion; hydraulic budget; erosion features; numerical model;

Summary/Abstract: The karst plateau of Susure, about 4.5 km2 in surface area, is situated on the Jadovnik eastern offset, western Serbia. The plateau is a morphologic unit higher 15 m to 30 m than the surrounding terrain. The unit consists of crushed and karstified Middle Triassic limestones. Numerous hydrogeological and geomorphologic features of the plateau are attractive for visitors in this economically underdeveloped country. Rocks building up the surrounding terrain are largely peridotites. Surface streams flow neither into nor off the plateau. Atmospheric precipitations discharge to evapotanspiration and filtration underground. More than eighteen constant springs at the limestone/peridotite tectonic contact drain fracture aquifers on the karst plateau border. Measured precipitations and springflows were the input and output data for accounting water budget of an aquifer of Middle Triassic limestones in the Susure plateau.

  • Issue Year: 90/2010
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 69-82
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: English, Serbian