Staking-out projected boundaries of natural property Vršac Mountains using the RTK GPS/glonass method Cover Image

Обележавања пројектованих граница природног добра Вршачке планине употребом методе RTK GPS/glonass
Staking-out projected boundaries of natural property Vršac Mountains using the RTK GPS/glonass method

Author(s): Siniša Delčev, Olivera Vasović, Vukan Ogrizović, Jelena Gučević
Subject(s): Geomatics, Maps / Cartography
Published by: Српско географско друштво
Keywords: RTK (Real Time Kinematic); forest boundaries; stakeout; coordinate transformation;

Summary/Abstract: The existing topographic and cadastral maps of the former Yugoslav republics are in Gauss-Krüger projection on Bessel ellipsoid. For the collected GPS data to comply with the existing cartographic material, it is necessary to provide the transformation parameters from WGS84 to Bessel ellipsoid and according to the principles of cartographic mapping, to make mappings in the plane of the State Coordinate System (SCS). The aim of this research is to present the surveying activities necessary for the establishment and maintenance of digital cartographic basis, which is shown in the test area of “VRŠAC MOUNTAINS”, a Serbian region with outstanding characteristics. In order to establish a connection between the collected data, it is necessary to primarily calculate the parameters of transformation from WGS84 into the SCS. After the vectorisation of projected boundaries from bases made in the SCS, the transformation of vectorised boundary lines from SCS into the WGS84 is carried out, followed by staking the boundaries. To understand the fundamental differences in the methodology of using GPS receivers, it is important to emphasise that the concept of GPS determination of the coordinates is generally divided into absolute and relative positioning. If the correct procedure of GPS positioning, applied to certain environmental conditions, is not followed, the error up to 200 m could be expected. Conclusions are drawn about the selection of staking methods, related to the applied instruments and specific field conditions. The stakeout procedures are given in accordance with the principles of geodetic positioning. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 043007: Istraživanje klimatskih promena i njihovog uticaja na životnu sredinu: praćenje uticaja, adaptacija i ublažavanje]

  • Issue Year: 92/2012
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 79-98
  • Page Count: 20
  • Language: Serbian