Problem of sustainable tourism in Ukraine under globalization Cover Image

Problem of sustainable tourism in Ukraine under globalization

Author(s): Liubov Bozhko
Subject(s): Anthropology, Tourism
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: principle of sustainable tourism development; the concept of sustainable tourism development; sustainable development problems resort areas; scientific approaches;

Summary/Abstract: It traces the development of the latest trends for the Study of the development of sustainable tourism in Ukraine, as well as the conditions and means of effective inclusion of Ukraine in the international tourism market on the basis of the concept of sustainable tourism. Analysis of research areas and approaches to the study of sustainable tourism development in Ukraine. The basic perspective of Ukrainian scientific community for the development and importance of tourism in Ukraine.In Ukraine, the issue of sustainable development is discussed since 1992. A significant scientific achievements that laid the basis for the new benchmark of the country on the basis of a post-industrial economy. The issue of the nature and prin-ciples of the main factors of melting of the tourism industry dedicated to the research of V. G Gerasimenko, O. Dobrovolsky, G. A Zayachkovskoyi, G. V. Kazachkovska, A. Litvinova, N. D. Sviridova, D. I. Ostap'yuk, T. I. Tkachenko et al.Scientific basis of the national strategy for Ukraine's transition to sustainable development principles are based on the peculiar state of geopolitical, geographical, demographic, socioeconomic, and environmental features. For the development of tourism industry of Ukraine on the basis of sustainable tourism as there is a need to develop new and innovative approaches.One of the main research areas among Ukrainian scientists was to develop the concept of sustainable tourism development. Under the concept of sustainable tourism development means a system of ideas that defines a common plan of development policy area. A. V. Litvinova main elements of the concept of sustainable tourism development in Ukraine considers the methods and tools of government regulation that need to be harmonized with indicators of sustainable tourism. Platform for developing a sustainable production is a tourism product , sustainable lifestyle of local communities and sustainable consumption. And according N. D. Sviridova , this concept must take into account all the strategic priorities and objectives of tourism development are important areas and facilities set goals. The concept should be fully reflective of the position of the region on the strategy of tourism development in the long term and include specific measures for its implementation. GV Kazachkovska in turn believes that the sustainable development of tourism and resort areas is possible when there is a balance between the preservation of natural, historical and cultural resources, economic interests, social needs and development of tourism, and provided favorable conditions for the formation of high-quality national tourist product.Among the fundamental work on the development of sustainable tourism in Ukraine should provide monograph T.I. Tkachenko. The book on a wide source base covers theoretical, methodological and applied problems of tourism development on the basis of dialectical, system and functional approaches. The necessity of consideration of tourism as a complex system in the unity of the social, economic and environmental components, the genesis of which is further based on the concept of sustainability.Committed to sustainable development of the country and its regions imposes a set of requirements to the existing quality of the environment and address the problem of interaction between nature and society. The concept of sustainable development, including the region determines the relevance of such a system that would ensure a balanced model of relations between environment, different types of economic activities and socio- economic interests of different groups. Therefore, a number of studies approaches to strategy development recreational region considering the envi-ronmental component . This study G.M. Aleinikova, N .M. Wetrovoj, O. Hulych et al.Of great importance for the development of sustainable tourism has an active policy. This includes support and development of tourism industry, the development of tourism infrastructure , creating conditions for increasing the attrac-tiveness of regions for foreign and domestic tourists , improving the quality of tourism services , ensuring their complexity. Investigation of the role of government in regulating the tourism industry is the subject of research by many local scientists. Key aspects of the formation and functioning of state regulation of the tourism industry, the development and improvement of its study areas reflected in the scientific works of local scientists such as A. V. Vinogradov, L. Donchenko, K.V. Zhadko, S. G. Zakharov, A. H. Ilyashenko, Y. Kozlovsky, O. Melnichenko, N. I. Ostap'yuk and others.Thus we can note that recently in Ukrainian society considered all possible implementation strategies for sus-tainable tourism development. In particular, reveals strategic goals of sustainable development businesses in the tourism sector. The economic and social feasibility of ecotourism technologies for sustainable development of the tourism industry, geographic grounded approach to recreation and tourism of nature, the conceptual foundations of a market mechanism for managing recreational potential. Almost all scientists agree that the sustainable development of tourism in Ukraine must improve the use of resources, training of personnel in the tourism industry, transport infrastructure, reduce seasonality and spatial disparity in the distribution of tourists increase the financial performance of the tourism industry, to give a significant attention to the relationship between environmental management and sustainable tourism, etc.