Biblical and patristic reflections over the term „at the beginning” (Gn. 1,1) Cover Image

Reflecții biblice şi patristice asupra termenului „întru-început” (Gn. I,1)
Biblical and patristic reflections over the term „at the beginning” (Gn. 1,1)

Author(s): Eusebiu Borca
Subject(s): Theology and Religion
Published by: Editura U. T. Press
Keywords: Creator of the world; Genesis; in the beginning; Genesis; creation; created the universe; from nothing (“ex nihilo”);

Summary/Abstract: One of the fundamental Hebrew beliefs is that Yahweh is the Creator ofthe world. This is evident not only from the popular account of Genesis butalso from other Old and New Testaments references.The words: “in the beginning” which open the Bible are very importantfor theology because these speak about the history of the universe. With suchbeauty, majesty and simplicity begins the Genesis account of Creation.Even if other ancient cultures have stories and legends about creation ofthe world, but there is nothing like the one that appears in the Bible. The Biblestarts with God, when there was nothing and no one else, there was God.Genesis (I,1) is God’s story of how our universe began, but through Moses’swords. Israel’s history is prefaced by the creation of the universe.God is before all creation, and regarding this world, there was abeginning of time. Before the very beginning there was only God, and Hespoke the universe into existence.The author of Genesis uses ordinary language to depict the manner inwhich God created the universe. He introduced his account with a generalstatement about the creation of the universe: “in the beginning” and resulted anearth without form.The Fathers of Church also teach that God created the universe throughthe Word, since “in the beginning was the Word” (Jn. I,1). God made heavenand earth in the beginning, not in the beginning of the time, but in Christ. Godcreated the matter of universe from nothing (“ex nihilo”). These meanings ofcreation are known from divine revelation. God’s revelation of the beginningswas made to Moses and his account is to be fully trusted.

  • Issue Year: V/2013
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 35-52
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Romanian