„Ili će Srbija biti republika, ili će prestati da postoji“ Ustavne promene u Srbiji 1989 (I)
"It Will Either Be The Republic Of Serbia, Or It Will Not Longer Exist", The Constitutional Changes In Serbia 1989 (i)

Author(s): Kosta Nikolić
Subject(s): History
Published by: Institut za savremenu istoriju, Beograd
Keywords: Slobodan Milosevic; Serbia; Yugoslavia; province; constitutional changes

Summary/Abstract: This article reviles the process of constitutional changes in Serbia in 1989. It descrivbe the events between the end of the Eighth session of the Central Committee o the Serbian Communist Party (1987) and the period of the fall of the political leadership in province of Vojvodina (1988). In the focus of the author’s analysis were the events known at that time as „Antibureaucratic Revolution“ which was started by the appaearance of the Slobodan Miloševic in power. It also describes the resistance given to changes in the Serbian Constitution by the leaderships of the two Serbian provinces, Kosovo and Vojvodina at the time. In this very same period Slobodan Miloševic became the national leader of the whole Serbian people in Yugoslavia. In the Serbia proper, the biggest Yugoslav republic at the time, millions of Serbs came to the „rallies of truth“ devoted to the Kosovo issues, shouting Miloševic’s name. The atmosphere looked like the awakening from the religious trance. It turned out that Miloševic knew how to use the wave of nationalism, that swept all over the Yugoslavia, better than anyone in the political scene. This Serbian (Miloševic’s) national movement was celebrated like the newborn dignity of the nation. The Serbs believed that Miloševic was the one which have give back their national identity and the right to say that they were Serbian. This specific national „trance“ was strongly supported by the media: the most powerfull – The Belgrade Television and „Politika“ newspaper.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 165-188
  • Page Count: 24
  • Language: Serbian