Diversity of professional and pedagogical work of the director's creative personality Cover Image

Багатоплановість професійно-педагогічної діяльності творчої особистості режисера
Diversity of professional and pedagogical work of the director's creative personality

Author(s): Nina Gusakova, Valeriia Shtefiuk
Subject(s): Education, Sociology of Culture, Film / Cinema / Cinematography, Sociology of Art
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: director; artistic and creative process; art pedagogical value; professional personal skills; director's activity;

Summary/Abstract: The aim is to determine the enigma of professional and educational activities directed creative personality, highlighting different types of creative activity masters of performing arts who have certain mechanisms of educational activities. Methodology. The methodology includes analytical, functional, comparative and art criticism methods of the research of unity of directorial and educational activities. It is made on the following criteria: a single aim – influence on the subject and the backlash reaction of the subject; the content – communicative artistic and creative processes; the mechanisms of influence – subject – subject of interaction; the situation of creative work – activities in the socio-cultural environment with focusing on a specific person, group, team. Scientific Novelty. The scientific novelty of the research is theoretical justification enigma vocational and educational activities directed creative individual as the basis of future specialist training to operate multifunctional nature of the socio-cultural field, providing creative direction of theoretical and practical training of students-directors. Conclusions. Thus. The author has made the following conclusions. Firstly a deep and multifaceted development of all components of the director work in the art of the theater led to the creation of an integrated system of theatrical theory, methodology and directing technologies, combined with the theory of acting work, school acting with scientific generalization of directing practice, which has a particular artistic educational value. Secondly, the immediate creative process is realized through a person, a system of artistic means, the mechanism of interaction between artistic and pedagogical work. Thirdly, the multivariate pedagogical impact of the director in the same type of psycho educational situation and in similar terms of artistic and creative activity has a particular importance for the subjective factor, the expression of individualization.