The Importance Of Geographers In The Study Of Natural Hazards Cover Image

The Importance Of Geographers In The Study Of Natural Hazards
The Importance Of Geographers In The Study Of Natural Hazards

Author(s): Milka Bubalo Živković, Bojan Đerčan, Željko Bjeljac, Tamara Lukić
Subject(s): Geography, Regional studies, Human Ecology
Published by: Географски институт »Јован Цвијић« САНУ
Keywords: natural hazards; Serbia; geographers;

Summary/Abstract: This paper is about geographers, respectively, their role in studying natural hazards and disasters. The first part of this article is about analysis of electronic visible results (papers, conferences, projects) of the scientists. The papers, as the most often form of contribution in studying of natural hazards and disasters, have been analyzed according to their subject matter, who wrote them, respectively, how much the geographers were involved in that matter, according to the time when they were written and journals in which they were published. In the second part of this article is given attention to the geographers who are not occupied with the science. Investigation is made concerning their attitudes about their knowledge acquired during their studies – how much it was used within their job so far, or it could be used in order to have certain influence to their students, colleagues or any local inhabitants for education, prevention and protection from natural hazards and disasters. The attitudes of geographers about knowledge of certain types of natural hazards were illustrated by usage of descriptive statistics. By t-test were searched differences of attitudes between generations who matured with Internet and older ones. One-factor analysis of ANOVA variance was used for identification of differences between attitudes of geographers who had different occupations. Post-hoc Tuckey HSD test separated geographers in tourism as those who do not see the possibility to contribute in studying and preventing natural hazards and disasters within their profession. The aim of this work was to draw attention that the geographers who were not involved in science, felt ready and competent for monitoring of natural hazards at the local level and such written tracks might serve for future scientific investigations.

  • Issue Year: 63/2013
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 147-164
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: English