Some questions about the essence of labor potential of the industry Cover Image

Деякі питання щодо сутності трудового потенціалу галузі
Some questions about the essence of labor potential of the industry

Author(s): Tatiyana Nemchenko
Subject(s): Economy, National Economy, Business Economy / Management, Micro-Economics, Human Resources in Economy, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Кіровоградський національний технічний університет

Summary/Abstract: The goal of the article is a research of concepts «labour potential» and «labour potential of the industry » and systematization the factors which is influence on its forming and development.The author analyzes the position of scientists to determine the labour potential and gives his own interpretation of the concept. The necessity of selection of labour potential industry as an independent object of research is grounded in the article. The approaches of classification of factors which is influence on forming and development of labour potential are studied and generalized in research. The author defined that the factors of forming of labour potential of industry were divided into those on which it is possible to carry out influence, and on those which are added the only mediated influence. In opinion of the author development of labour potential of industry depends on influence of individual, economic, demographic and social factors.The result of the research was become by determination of concept «labour potential of industry», ground of his meaningfulness and exposure of necessity of his consideration, through the influence of both intensive and extensive factors on different levels: from a workplace to the directly level of industry, where the effect of synergy already appears.