Literary journalism of Oriana Fallaci Cover Image

Литературната журналистика на Ориана Фалачи
Literary journalism of Oriana Fallaci

Author(s): Maria Popova
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Language and Literature Studies, Library and Information Science, Studies of Literature, Communication studies
Published by: Софийски университет »Св. Климент Охридски«
Keywords: literary journalism; new journalism; Oriana Fallac;, books; war; love; policy

Summary/Abstract: Literary journalism is a contemporary scientific field, which combines the journalism objectivity with literary. Its main characteristics are composition through scenes, realistic dialogs, presentation the story through the perspective of the character, detailed description of the characters’ status and lifestyle. The popularity of Oriana Fallaci as a journalist and as a literary journalism writer is undoubtedly. She has an aggressive journalistic style, and a good information for the persons, which she has interviewed, good general knowledge. The Oriana Fallaci books have interesting plots, good historical events recognition, realistic details, fragmented composition that integrated different stories. Her characters are full-blooded individuals, often known historical figures. They put questions, whose solution requires the judgment and position of each of her readers.