Analysis of recreational product – dendrological park

Analysis of recreational product – dendrological park "Oleksandriya" for preparation of perspective model of territorial organization of tourist sphere of the region.

Author(s): Nataliia Shevchenko
Subject(s): Anthropology, Human Ecology, Environmental interactions, Tourism
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: tourist and recreational potential; landscape parks designing; dendrological park "Alexandriya";

Summary/Abstract: The purpose of the research is an estimation of the modern state and possibilities of intensification of the use of recreational potential of dendrological park "Oleksandriya" for preparation and the realization of perspective model of territorial organization of tourist-recreational sphere of the region. Research methodology consists in the complex analysis of present potential of the tourist-recreational resources of dendrological park "Oleksandriya" with the use of basic principles of modern designing of landscape parks. Scientific novelty. The necessary condition of the development of recreation in dendrological parks are determination of their own recreational product and innovative approaches to the use of available tourist potential. Through the example of the forest-park areas, being a part of the dendrological park "Alexandriya" the work proposes a concept of creation and development of the recreational landscape park "Alexandriya of the XXI century", where a special attention will be given not only to a combination of natural and man-made objects and conditions, but also to the opportunities and means suitable for formation of tourist product and organization of appropriate tours, excursions and programs. Conclusions. Assessing the factors that promote the development of tourism it may be concluded that the availability of certain unique or interesting objects in the territory determines the prospects of the tourism industry in one region or another and tourist and recreational landscape parks can meet the recreation requirements not only of local population, but of tourists as well.