Marketing Dimensions at the Beginning of the Third Millennium Cover Image

Dimenzie marketingu na začiatku tretieho tisícročia
Marketing Dimensions at the Beginning of the Third Millennium

Author(s): Štefan Majtán, Anna Majtánová
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: Ekonomický ústav SAV a Prognostický ústav SAV
Keywords: marketing; firm image; communication; globalization; information

Summary/Abstract: We consider these tendencies to be decisive in modern management firm image building, searching for new elements of communication, adjusting to globali-zation, of market space, pursuing of value chain. For marketing to be successful it needs to get into all elements of management, mainly into set-up, planning and controlling. To fulfil all previous marketing dimensions and mainly to applica-tion of complex access to marketing strategy information is decisive. At conclusion, we stress the need for thinking about main direction, or basic dimension, in single branch of science development. This introduce article is small experiment for such access.

  • Issue Year: 52/2004
  • Issue No: 05
  • Page Range: 584-597
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Slovak