Kyrgyz and the Oirot: Choros. Where Does the Name Zhungar Come From? Cover Image

Kırgızlar ve Oyratlar: Çoroslar - Cungar Adı Nerden Gelmiştir?
Kyrgyz and the Oirot: Choros. Where Does the Name Zhungar Come From?

Author(s): Olcobay Karatayev
Subject(s): 13th to 14th Centuries, Inter-Ethnic Relations, Philology
Published by: Kültür Ajans Tanıtım ve Organizasyon
Keywords: Kyrgyz; Oirats; Kalmyk; Choros; Zhungar; ZhungarKhanate; MunkeTemir; Mongolia; Yenisey; Kyrgyz;

Summary/Abstract: Historical and cultural relationship of the Kyrgyz and Oirat had taken shape until the Mongol onslaught. These relationships continued during the attack of the Naimans and later until Karakhita is attack. As a result; Kyrgyz state was divided into two as Yenisei Kyrgyz and Tengirtoo Kyrgyz. Additionally, Yenisei Kyrgyz and the Oirats, and then Zhungars (Oirat-Kalmyk) had politically and economically close relations. In 1399, Yenisei Kyrgyz founded a state with Oirats. It is known that the ruler Munke-Temir (GüylüchüKashka) was of Kyrgyz origin. This state is mentioned as da-dan (Tatar) in Chinese sources. It is also known that the later state of the Oirats, Zhungaria State (Züüngar), was a significant state with great impact in Central Asia. State-founders were from the aristocratic Choros clan. It is also investigated in the article how the rulers from this clan were in fluential in other states.

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: 23
  • Page Range: 130-141
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Turkish