Legal and account aspects of classification and pricing of properties in public finance sector units Cover Image

Aspekty prawne i rachunkowe klasyfikacji i wyceny nieruchomości w jednostkach sektora finansów publicznych
Legal and account aspects of classification and pricing of properties in public finance sector units

Author(s): Przemysław Rup
Subject(s): Business Economy / Management, Law on Economics, Financial Markets
Published by: Oficyna Wydawnicza KA AFM
Keywords: real estate appraisal; the public finance sector; real estate accounting; real estate management;

Summary/Abstract: The paper is devoted to the complex topic of real estate management in the public sector. The appraisal and classification of real estate is of key importance to a rational real estate management by local government units and national public finance sector units, which is the subject of analysis in the article. The analysis has shown the differences in the classification and appraisal of real estate in law and accounting, which concerns, in particular, the public finance sector. This sector is subject to the application, apart from general regulations of the Civil Code, the detailed regulations included in the Real Estate Management Act of August 21, 1997. The appraisal for real estate management is separate from balance sheet valuation and its results do not automatically correspond to the bookkeeping register. However, each correlation of real estate appraisal to balance sheet valuation made by an appraiser for the purposes of real estate management would be possible for real estate classified for investment (as specified in the Accounting Act), but in budget units, local government budgetary establishments as well as national and local government legal entities (other than limited companies) investment properties do not exist; in any case, the normative system of budget accounting does not allow for the introduction of such a category in the accountancy of these units.

  • Issue Year: XVII/2017
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 89-110
  • Page Count: 22
  • Language: Polish